2022 Australian Federal Election: Labor’s Victory

This was a victory for decency and Labor values, which we proved are still Australia's values.

Australians from all walks of life – men and women, young and old – came together to vote for change and for a better future.

Their voices powered us to victory – a victory for unity and inclusion over division and drift.

We won by focusing on real plans for a better tomorrow.

Helping families with the cost of living and getting wages moving.

Strengthening Medicare and fixing aged care.

Finally tackling climate change and protecting our natural environment.

And, importantly, cleaning up and restoring faith in politics with our commitment to a National Anti-Corruption Commission.

This election has also seen a realignment on the conservative side of politics with the conservative heartland moving to independents as well as tactical voting by Labor supporters to defeat entrenched coalition members.

Ten years of bad policy and deliberate decisions have come home to roost for the Liberal and National coalition.

They have paid a price for irresponsible economic management on things like keeping peoples wages low, refusing to embrace renewable energy and goading our car industry to leave our shores.

Ultimately, we won because we reconnected with our base. All of it. The unskilled. The skilled. The professionals. Idealists. Women. And the young.

We have bucked the trend, winning from Opposition in the midst of a global crisis.

We have become the party of government. In Queensland, in Victoria, in Western Australia, South Australia, the ACT, the Northern Territory. And now Australia.

Now it’s time for the major political parties to take action and prevent high wealth Australians spending millions on election campaigns devoid of facts and consequence.

We are still a party in which the child of a single mother in public housing can become a prime minister.

And because of that, we're still a nation in which working people can see their dreams fulfilled. Just like Anthony has.

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