A Future Made in Australia

Our $22.7 billion Future Made in Australia package will help make us an indispensable part of the global economy.

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It will ensure Australia capitalises on the biggest transformation in the global economy since the industrial revolution.

  • We’ll attract investment in key industries, reviving our industrial capability.
  • Make our country a renewable energy superpower.
  • Strengthen our defence capabilities and economic security.
  • Support small business to grasp the opportunities of our transforming economy.
  • Expand and reform tertiary education for a more skilled workforce.

Similarly, our National Reconstruction Fund will support projects that create secure well-paid jobs, drive regional development, and invest in our national sovereign capability, broadening and diversifying Australia’s economy. 

A decade of waste and rorts from the Liberals saw Australia’s industrial capacity weaken. The height of this neglect was on full display when they goaded the car industry to leave, sending tens of thousands of jobs with it. 

Australia cannot afford another wasted decade. 

We need to revive our ability to make world-class products and, in the process, create secure well-paid jobs for Australians. 

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