Sam Rae

Candidate for Hawke

Sam Rae is Labor’s candidate for the new seat of Hawke.

Together with his partner and their two young kids, Sam and his young family love Hawke’s vibrant community.

Growing up he saw first-hand the transformative power of good public education: his mum was a public-school teacher and a union activist. She instilled in him the principles of a fair go, community contribution and responsibility.

These are the principles by which Sam lives his life.

The communities of Hawke have so much to offer, but families are doing it tough. The extraordinary rate of growth is putting infrastructure under pressure. Housing affordability issues and a lack of public and social housing denies people the promise of a better future. Local kids deserve access to great schools, and this area deserves world-class healthcare where it is needed.

Sam has put his hand up to represent Hawke because he wants to address these challenges and build back stronger across the region.