Corinne Mulholland

Candidate for Petrie

Corinne is a long-term resident of the Petrie electorate. Buying her first house in Redcliffe when she was 21, Corinne has continued to live and work locally in the Moreton Bay region ever since.  

Having seen the region grow and thrive, she understands the pressures placed on local infrastructure and frontline services. Corinne will always stand up against the LNP’s cuts to local schools and hospitals.

Corinne has significant experience working across Government and policy making. She currently works in a senior local  government role, where she has built a strong reputation by working with local community, sporting and business groups to deliver for her community. Corinne will use this experience to fight for the roads, infrastructure and services we need in our growing community.

Corinne knows that Petrie needs an MP who has the energy and vision to help build a stronger future. That’s why Corinne will fight to reverse unfair cuts to penalty rates and the LNP’s cuts to Redcliffe Hospital.