Carol Brown


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Office Address
NAB House
Ground Floor 27 Elizabeth Street
Hobart TAS 7000

Postal Address
GPO 376
Hobart TAS 7001

(03) 6231 0099

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Senator for Tasmania

Shadow Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Tourism
Shadow Assistant Minister for Tasmania

A proud, passionate Tasmanian, Carol lives in Hobart with her partner and two children. Carol was first elected to the Senate in 2005. She was Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers from 2016 to 2019. She is now Shadow Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Tourism as well as Shadow Assistant Minister for Tasmania.

Coming from a large family, she understands how tough life can be, which is why she has been a lifelong advocate for equality, fairness and a fair go for all in the community.

Her involvement with the Labor movement began when she joined the party at age 20. She is just as determined today as she was back then to fight for the core values of greater equality in the distribution of wealth and opportunity, equal access to employment, education, health and other community services.

Carol is passionate about improving the way we care for all Australians regardless of age, gender, background or any other characteristic.

Carol works hard to ensure people have access to services and to hold Government accountable for its infrastructure promises. Tasmania is a unique place, but right across the country regional tourism and infrastructure often connect. As Shadow Assistant Minister for both portfolios she has the interests of everyone in the community at heart, in her home state and for all Australians.