Brian Mitchell


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PO Box 61
Bridgewater, TAS 7030

(03) 6263 3721 – Bridgewater
(03) 6398 1115 – Perth

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Member for Lyons

Brian lives in Lyons with Tania, Bronte and Julia – and their cats and dogs – in a house they built on an old sheep paddock. Their lodger echidna lives under the house, but that's another story.

Brian's core focus is improving fairness, creating opportunities in Tasmania to narrow the gap on health, education and income inequality, and ensuring Australia plays its part in addressing the impacts of climate change.

Agriculture, retail, science, education, finance, IT, aged care, health services, hospitality and tourism are all key to Tasmania's fantastic future.

Critically, that means more investment in education, training and apprenticeships and a commitment from employers to training and local jobs.

Brian wholeheartedly supports Medicare and our public health system, and believes we must protect and improve it. The cost gaps are too wide and too expensive, too many people wait too long for treatment, and staff work too many hours and too hard.

Brian knows Australia is a great country not because it is lucky, but because it has been built on the sacrifices of men and women who were determined to forge a better future for their children.

This is the Labor story – to contribute to the creation of a world that is better, cleaner and fairer and has more opportunity, than the one we were born into.

For Brian, Ben Chifley's 'light on the hill' burns bright.