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Candidate for Dickson

How to vote for Labor in Dickson

Ali has lived on the Northside for thirteen years and is a working mum with two teenage boys. She understands the financial pressures of raising a family and that is why she has continuously fought for cheaper childcare for all families and more secure local jobs.   

Ali is passionate about her local community and ensuring that the people of Dickson emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic in a better place.   

Ali has worked as a journalist and communications manager across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Ali is also a world champion para-athlete.

Ali is a fighter and will never give up on what is important to her. After an accident in 2011, she turned her mind towards community advocacy. As an amputee Ali has firsthand experience navigating the health system and it has shown her how important it is to have access to good quality health care. Ali has continuously advocated for better resources for health and disability workers and is a passionate advocate for people accessing support.

Ali understands many of the issues impacting her community because she has lived them. She is on the ground talking and listening to locals at every opportunity.  

Ali has the experience and passion to fight for local jobs, quality healthcare, for a better NDIS and for everything the Dickson community needs.

Ali lives in the Dickson electorate in the suburb of Arana Hills.