Workplace loopholes closed

Workers will benefit from better pay, improved job security and stronger workplace rights under new Albanese Government laws passed by Parliament today.

The second part of the Government’s Closing Loopholes legislation will:

  • End the concept of a forced permanent casual by providing a proper pathway for casuals seeking to convert to more secure permanent work and simplify the process for employers.
  • Introduce world-leading minimum standards for gig economy workers such as rideshare drivers and delivery riders.
  • Ensure a safe, sustainable and viable trucking industry – including for owner drivers.
  • Stop unpaid overtime for workers through a right to disconnect from unreasonable contact out of hours.

Last year we changed the law to criminalise wage theft and stop the underpayment of workers through the use of labour hire.

Now we’ve closed more of the workplace loopholes that have been undermining wages and worker safety.

The Government will introduce separate legislation later this week to remove any possibility of criminal penalties from the “right to disconnect” element of the legislation. This should have been fixed in the Senate last week – but the Liberals threw a pathetic tantrum to keep criminal penalties in.

The Government is getting wages moving. We’ve now had two consecutive quarters of real wage growth, and the latest data shows wages growing at 4 per cent – the highest they’ve been in 15 years.

Peter Dutton wants Australians to work longer and get paid less.

Not content with keeping wages low for a decade in Government, Peter Dutton and the Coalition are still at it.

They’ve voted against every measure to get wages moving and have now confirmed their workplace relations policy is to “take a targeted package of repeals to the next election”.

The Opposition’s workplace relations policy is a targeted package:

  • Against wage rises
  • Against job security
  • Against safer workplaces
  • Against closing the gender pay gap

Under the Albanese Labor Government there are more people in jobs, they’re earning more – and under our tax cut plan they’ll keep more of what they earn.

As at 12 February 2024.