Passing of Peta Murphy

Every one of us in the Labor family is broken hearted by the death of our beloved Peta Murphy. 
At this saddest of times we offer our deepest sympathies to her loving husband Rod and all her family.
Peta Murphy was the strongest of local members, the most inspiring of colleagues and the very best kind of friend.
To attend a community event with Peta was to bask in her glow. Like all of us who served alongside her, the people Peta represented admired her determination, they respected her passion, and they responded – above all – to her authenticity.
It was always clear just how much Peta cared for her community, her colleagues and our country. She helped lead the charge for important reforms like reducing the harm from online gambling, because she understood the greatest privilege of public office is the opportunity to make a difference.
From the squash court, to the law courts, to the House of Representatives, everything Peta did, she did it with her whole heart – and what a warm, generous, strong and proud Labor heart she had.
Right up to last week, she was asking questions in the House, raising awareness of issues she cared about and standing up for the community she was so proud to represent.
Together with the Breast Cancer Network Australia, Peta advocated for a national registry for metastatic cancer patients. Such was her dedication to this cause, she travelled to Canberra last week to launch the national report.
It was so true to Peta’s character that she channelled her personal battle with breast cancer into public policy, advocating always for others: for better treatment, more services and stronger support.
In 2019, Peta received the news her cancer had returned two weeks prior to being sworn in as an MP. In her remarkable first speech in the Parliament she said: ‘I am neither unique nor alone in the fight I am about to take on’.
In so many wonderful ways, Peta was unique. But as someone who inspired such affection and respect in the hearts of so many, she was never alone.
While Peta's was a life so very well lived, it's hard to come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t with us for longer.
My deepest condolences to Peta’s loved ones and all those who had the privilege of knowing her. May you always carry the glow of her in your hearts.
May Peta rest in eternal peace.