National Apology to Thalidomide Survivors and their families

Anthony Albanese MP
Prime Minister of Australia

Mark Butler MP
Minister for Health and Aged Care

The Albanese Government and the Australian Parliament, on behalf of the people of Australia has today offered a full, unreserved and overdue apology to all thalidomide survivors, their families, loved ones and carers.
The Government’s Australian Thalidomide Survivors Support Program will be re-opened to ensure that anyone who may have missed the previous opportunity to apply for support does not miss out on the support they need and deserve.
The Program is a lifetime support package which includes a one-off lump sum payment in recognition of pain and suffering, as well as ongoing annual payments.
From now on, rather than those payments being locked at a particular level, the Government will support increases through indexation, for all current and future applicants who qualify.
Tomorrow, the Minister for Health and Aged Care Mark Butler will unveil a national memorial to survivors of the thalidomide tragedy and their families, on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.
The location and design of the National Site of Recognition were chosen in collaboration with Australian thalidomide survivors.
The National Site of Recognition will promote education and awareness of the thalidomide tragedy, recognise the pain and suffering of survivors and their families, and represent our commitment to learn from the past.

As at 29 November 2023.

Read the National apology to all Australians impacted by the thalidomide tragedy.