Will you help Labor stop the scams?

Australian consumers and businesses owners are under siege on their phones, emails and social media accounts from a national scamdemic ripping through our economy.

International data suggests that Australia is in the top five countries in the world for getting scammed.

Labor will take the fight up to the gangs perpetrating these crimes, but Scott Morrison’s inaction has allowed them to flourish unchecked.

Scott Morrison ignored repeated warnings, didn’t talk to businesses, law enforcement and regulators about what more could be done, and has failed to take action.

Now Aussie households and businesses lose $33 billion a year to scams. Harmful and deceptive misinformation spreads without consequence online.

An Albanese Labor Government will have your back when it comes to your online safety. You can read more about our plan to crack down on scam artists targeting Australians by clicking here.

Will you sign our petition calling on Scott Morrison to stop the scams and support Labor’s plan to crack down on the scam artists?