Tougher Anti-Dumping Regime


A Shorten Labor Government will protect Australian jobs by making it easier for local manufacturing firms to take effective action against the dumping of below-cost foreign goods into Australia.

Dumping is cheating, and it is a particular problem for Australia’s steel industry. The announcement by the United States of a 25 per cent tariff on imported steel from a number of other countries increases the threat of more steel being dumped in Australia, putting further pressure on an industry already feeling the impact of a glut of foreign steel production.


Labor will support local businesses by:

  • Tripling penalties for circumventing trade remedies.
  • Better resourcing the Anti-Dumping Commission by increasing funding by $3.5 million a year, which will increase staff numbers at the Commission by about 30.
  • Transferring responsibilities for safeguard measures from the Productivity Commission to the Anti-Dumping Commission. By putting all of our trade remedies under one roof, Australian industry will be afforded the same support as our global trade competitors.
  • Introducing a mechanism that will allow businesses in anti-dumping investigations to nominate the form of duty that should be applied. This will form part of the recommendation to the minister by the Anti-Dumping Commissioner.
  • Restrict the time available for cited dumpers to request a review of Anti-Dumping Commission decisions to prevent them gaming the system to their own advantage.
  • Amend the Census and Statistics Act to improve access to trade and import data held by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, making it easier to prove when dumping has occurred.

Australian manufacturing jobs depend upon strong anti-dumping laws.

The decision by the United States to increase tariffs has seen other steel-producing countries try to use Australia as a dumping ground for steel. This is putting Australian jobs at risk.

Labor will not let Australia become a dumping ground for below-cost foreign goods that put Australian manufacturing jobs at risk. Unlike the Liberals and Nationals, who are sitting on their hands when it comes to anti-dumping laws, Labor will take action to make sure Australian businesses and workers get a fair go.

We will pay for it by making multinationals pay their fair share of tax and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town, and also by penalties imposed on and duty recovered from dumpers of products.