Nation-Building Infrastructure


Nation-Building Infrastructure

Labor is committed to the nation-building infrastructure Australia needs. We will work with state and territory governments to get projects up and running.

We will create thousands of jobs nationally with new work in every state and territory.

We will build on the record of the previous Labor government which doubled road funding; rebuilt a third of the interstate rail freight network; and committed to more urban public transport infrastructure than every previous Federal Government combined.

Over nearly six years of cuts and chaos the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has slashed infrastructure investment. Budget papers show that over their first five budgets, they have delivered $5.1 billion less than promised from transport infrastructure alone.

We will change this.

A Shorten Labor Government will address the Liberals and Nationals’ backlog in transport infrastructure investment by boosting existing federal investment levels in the short-term, before the next election. Much of the Liberals’ new spending is at least two elections away.

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