Labor supports taking a serious look at how to improve the insights we get from tests like NAPLAN, and how we can better focus on the progress of students and schools over time.

After 10 years of testing, Labor believes it’s time to make sure NAPLAN is serving students, parents, and teachers as best it can.

We think we can have a sensible conversation about how we test, what we test, and how results are reported fairly and accurately. But it’s very important we continue to have a way of making certain our children are learning and progressing at school.

Labor wants our children to know how to read, write and do maths - to successfully get the basics under their belts. Diagnostic tests, such as NAPLAN, help give us a picture of how children, schools, and systems are doing.

But there’s no doubt that some of this testing has become very high stakes.

It’s up to all of us, parents and teachers, to reassure children that these kinds of tests are just a way of finding out where we can help them more.

We don't want young students stressing about these tests.

The tests are supposed to tell us where we need to redouble our efforts. They're supposed to give us valuable information about how we do better in the classroom. They're not supposed to be making children sleepless or sick with nerves.