Labor's Plan For Local Jobs


Labor will boost local jobs by providing more opportunities for local businesses and solving local skills shortages with our Local Projects, Local Jobs plan.

The Federal Government spends $50 billion every year on goods and services and Labor wants to see that investment spent on local businesses and local jobs – not multinationals that don’t provide local jobs and don’t pay tax in Australia.

Australia also needs a real plan to skill up Australian workers and connect them with local jobs, reducing the need for business to rely on temporary workers from overseas.


Labor’s Local Projects, Local Jobs plan will invest in local infrastructure projects including road, rail and port upgrades and will make sure that Commonwealth investment results in local jobs.

  • Labor will require government departments to work with local firms to ensure they can benefit from government contracts, and properly value the economic benefit that local businesses provide.
  • Labor will ensure that more public and large private projects will be required to put in place plans to give Australian firms a chance to win work on major projects.
  • Labor will require 1 in 10 jobs on Commonwealth funded projects to be filled by local apprentices.

More information on Labor’s National Procurement Plan is here

Labor will also make sure that employers have to look for local workers first – and we’ll make sure local workers have the skills to do the job.

There is no excuse for a skills shortage to last one day longer than it takes to train an Australian to do that job.

  • Labor will establish the Australian Skills Authority – an independent, labour market testing body. This new body will determine genuine skills needs.
  • Temporary skilled visas will only be available when a genuine skills gap cannot be met with local workers.
  • Labor will increase the cost of temporary visas to send a strong price signal to employers that they should be looking for and training local workers first.
  • Labor will not waive labour market testing requirements for any new Free Trade Agreements.

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