Labor's Plan For An Infrastructure Investment Bank For The Pacific


A Shorten Labor Government will establish an Infrastructure Investment Bank for the Pacific to actively facilitate concessional loans and financing for investment for vital, nation-building projects required by our Pacific neighbours.

The Liberals have neglected our Pacific partners through savage cuts to the aid program, an erosion of our footprint in the region, and a failure to address core issues of concern in the region such as climate change.


Development assistance is critical to our Pacific island partners, and a Shorten Labor Government will grow our aid commitment to the region.

We will encourage others, including the private sector, to invest in projects that drive development in the region from roads and ports to water supply, communications technology and energy infrastructure.

Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Bank will elevate Australia’s status as a ‘partner-of-choice’ for Pacific development and enhance security and prosperity in the region.

A Shorten Labor Government will rebuild the prominence and trust in our Pacific relationships that have been squandered under the Liberals.