Labor's Plan For A Military Covenant


A Shorten Labor Government will establish a Military Covenant, to be signed between the Prime Minister and the Chief of the Defence Force.

When a person commits their life to serve in the Australian Defence Force, to defend our nation and protect our national interests and values, we in turn undertake a commitment to supporting them and their loved ones both during and after their service.


The Covenant would be a set of principles endorsed by both the Federal Government and the Australian Defence Force that recognises the unique service provided to the country by military personnel, and the corresponding obligation that the country looks after those who have served.

Unlike the Military Covenant proposed by the Liberals, Labor’s Covenant will cover serving Defence personnel as well as veterans. The Liberals’ decision to exclude current serving members is a significant shortfall that overlooks a large component of the military community.

In conjunction with signing the Covenant, Labor will also enact legislation that provides for an annual report to the Parliament highlighting the ways in which our obligation to our current and ex-serving defence personnel and their families is being met. The Liberal’s proposal for a Covenant has no reporting requirement and is seriously deficient as a result.