Evidence Institute for Schools


Evidence Institute for Schools

Labor will establish a $275 million research institute – the Evidence Institute for Schools - that will help improve schools and early childhood education centres by ensuring teachers and parents have high quality research at their fingertips.

This is about making sure that we have the right research to inform teachers and early educators, and to help them refine and improve what they do together in schools.


Labor’s Evidence Institute for Schools will be independent of government. The Institute will:

1. Commission new research.

The Institute will involve thousands of schools in ground-breaking research and include teachers as researchers. The research priorities will be determined by the key concerns of principals, teachers, and parents.

2. Help teachers and early educators stay up-to-date.

The Institute will ensure free toolkits, implementation resources, and practice guides are available which summarises evidence, making it easily applicable to the classroom setting.

3. Save money and lift standards.

The Institute will undertake independent program reviews that assess the many programs being promoted and sold into schools. Thousands of products are being promoted that claim to improve educational outcomes. Schools shouldn’t waste money on ones that don’t work.

4. Help schools doing excellent work to share their success with other schools.

We want to make best practice common practice. Schools will be identified and supported in collaboration with States and Territories and the non-government sector.

The Institute will help make sure Labor’s extra investment in schools’ funding achieves better results for our children, so we can quickly scale up programs that work, and dump those that don’t.
We will pay for it by making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.