Better Hospitals Fund


A Shorten Labor Government will invest more in every single hospital in the country with our $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund.

In 2013, the Liberals promised there would be no cuts to hospitals. Then in 2014 they cut funding from 50 per cent of the efficient price to 45 per cent.

Labor’s Better Hospitals Fund will reverse in full the government’s unfair cuts to public hospitals, and help reduce waiting times and improve services in every hospital around the country.


Labor’s $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund will benefit every hospital and every patient in the country by restoring every cent of the core funding cut by the Liberals.

Labor’s investment means more doctors, more nurses, more hospital staff and more beds.

We have committed $1 billion in new capital projects – physical infrastructure like hospital expansions, new and refurbished wards, upgraded emergency departments and new palliative care and mental health facilities.

Labor’s investment will lead to shorter emergency department and elective surgery waiting times.

  • We have committed $250 million to blitz elective surgery waiting lists in public hospitals. Procedures such as knee and hip replacements or cataract surgeries are essential procedures for many Australians.
  • This commitment could pay for more than 62,000 cataract procedures or 9,800 knee replacements or 9,400 hip replacements.

There is a real choice at the upcoming election between Labor’s plan for properly funded hospitals and the best health care system in the world, or bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town under the Liberals.

We will pay for it by making multinationals pay their fair share and closing tax loopholes used by the top end of town.