Will you help stop wage theft?

Wage theft costs workers an estimated $1.35 billion every year.

It happens across industries – from construction to health care, from retail to accommodation – and disproportionately affects vulnerable workers like women, young people and migrants.

Across Australia, a worker who steals from the till is committing a crime – but in most states and territories an employer who steals their workers’ wages is not. This is completely unfair.

That’s why an Albanese Labor Government will protect Australian workers from exploitation and rip-offs by criminalising wage theft.

Labor has voted in Parliament to pass national wage theft laws. Scott Morrison could have passed those laws but chose not to.

So we need your help to stop wage theft. Will you sign this petition and join our campaign calling on the Liberal and National Government to criminalise wage theft?

You can find out more about our policy to criminalise wage theft here.