Help Stranded Aussies

There are tens of thousands of Australians stranded overseas during the global COVID-19 pandemic – many are medically or financially vulnerable.

Australians have been trying to get home since the outbreak of the pandemic but haven’t been able to due to closed borders, cancelled flights, price gouging, or the Morrison Government’s cap on international arrivals.

There are Aussies who are couch-surfing, going to homeless shelters, running out of money and falling foul of their visa requirements in other countries.

Labor believes the Morrison Government must:

  1. Increase quarantine capacity – including using Federal quarantine options – to allow the number of arrivals under international flight caps to go up.
  2. Stop price gouging by airlines flying into Australia.
  3. Put all options on the table to repatriate stranded Australians, including charter flights and using the RAAF fleet.

Will you sign our petition calling on the Morrison Government to help stranded Aussies get home to their families and friends?

If you are a stranded Australian and need help, share your details here.

Information current as at January 2021.