Will you help stop Peter Dutton from privatising Australia’s visa system?

Peter Dutton and the Liberals want to privatise Australia’s visa processing system.

This means big corporations will run Australia’s visa system as a for-profit business.

The Liberals' unfair plan could lead to the loss of thousands of Australian jobs.

It could also lead to cuts to services, increased visa fraud and data security risks.

Australians don’t want to see our visa system privatised, and they especially don’t want to see Australians lose their jobs. 

To make matters worse, Liberal Party backroom dealer, Scott Briggs, a close friend of Scott Morrison and a former colleague of Immigration Minister David Coleman — is the frontrunner to win a visa processing contract worth more than $1 billion.

We need to speak up before it’s too late and send a clear message that we do not want the Morrison Government to privatise Australia’s visa processing system.

It’s up to all of us to stand up and stop Peter Dutton from selling off our visa system. Will you stand with Labor against Dutton’s plan?