Zac Beers


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Level 2, 8 Goondoon Street
Gladstone QLD 4680

0437 580 726


Candidate for Flynn

Zac Beers, Labor’s candidate for Flynn, is a Central Queenslander through and through. Living in Gladstone with his wife Emily, he knows the issues that affect our region. After finishing school, Zac worked as a painter and scaffolder at Queensland Alumina, where he learned the importance of good, secure work. For the past eight years Zac has been an Industrial Organiser fighting for the rights and conditions of thousands of workers across our region. 

Like many Central Queenslanders, Zac can see the economy isn’t always working for our region. That’s why he will fight against the LNP’s $17 billion tax handout for the big banks, and proper funding for our local hospitals. 

Zac will be a strong voice for our region, fighting to ensure Flynn gets a fair go from Canberra. He knows our region needs good secure jobs, quality healthcare and funding for much needed infrastructure.