Luke Creasey

Candidate for Melbourne

As a local high school teacher and community activist, Luke Creasey fights for fairness every single day.

Now Luke is fighting for Melbourne as Labor’s candidate in the next Federal Election.

Luke has been inspired by Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor's bold, progressive government which has delivered change, fairness and opportunity. He wants to make sure our Federal Government puts our values into action.

Luke has lived in share-houses in the inner-north and put himself through University by working in a supermarket. He felt the impact of wages standing still while the cost of living keeps climbing. Luke has lived the economic anxiety of insecure and precarious work. And he has seen politicians who say a lot, but deliver no real change.

It doesn't have to be this way. With your support, Luke will be your voice for fairness inside the progressive party of government.

Luke Creasey and Labor can make change happen.