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6 English Street
Essendon Fields VIC 3041

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Senator for Victoria

Kimberley was born and raised in Brisbane and graduated from The University of Queensland with law and arts degrees. 

Before being sworn in as a Senator in November 2016, Kimberley practised as a lawyer, worked as a manager in several private companies in information technology and human resources, was a senior adviser to the Treasurer of Victoria and the Victorian Minister for Industry, Trade, Major Projects and Information Technology, was a Melbourne City Councillor and the General Manager of the Health Workers Union in Victoria where she helped restore good governance and financial strength. 

Kimberley’s most important job as a Labor Senator is job creation and reminding Parliament to look after Australian families and workers instead of special interests and lobby groups.

She has been a party member for 20 years, has been a National Conference delegate, a member of the Victorian ALP Administrative Committee for more than a decade and a State Conference delegate for even longer.  

Kimberley lives in the northwest of Melbourne with her husband.