Katie Gompertz

Candidate for Berowra

Katie Gompertz, Labor’s candidate for Berowra, is an author and a regular writer on women's equality. She believes that one person can make a difference. For the last three years, she has been writing a week column for the South Sydney Herad. The column focuses on issues such as womens rights, financial abuse, the way society and the media treat women among many others. Katie has just released her debut novel None So Blind which explores the ramifications of a hard right conversative government in Australia.

She has three young children and she feels they deserve to be left with a better world than we currently offer them. She is proudly pro choice and feels passionately about de-stigmatising women's rights, abortion rights, mental health and violence against women and feels the best way to do that is to engage in meaningful debate and by putting up good policy at every level of government.

Katie is a passionate supporter of the arts and she engages across the arts sector for better art policy with a special interest in education and diversity.

She holds a Master of Arts and currently works in the Digital Media and Insurance sector.