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Member for Braddon

Born and raised on the North-West Coast, Justine Keay is the proud mum to three young boys. Justine worked in the public service and was a Devonport City Alderman prior to her election in 2016.

Sadly, Justine’s father passed away at sea when she was young, so Justine understands what it is like when things get tough. That’s why she is fighting for better health services, increased investment in local schools and better job opportunities for young people.

Justine wants an end to the chaos and dysfunction in Canberra and a better future for her children and every child in Braddon.

Justine will stand up for what is fair.

She will fight for:

o   Increased funding for local hospitals and restoration of local specialist medical services;

o   Putting more money back into local schools;

o   Rebuilding TAFE and training to give our young people the skills they need for the jobs of the future; and

o   Stopping the Liberal’s cuts to the pension.

Scott Morrison’s cuts have hurt people in the North-West and the West Coast of Tasmania; they have had a direct impact.

Scott Morrison cut up to $14.7 million from Braddon schools in 2018/2019; he cut almost $1 million from the North West Regional Hospital; he is making people travel more simply to access medical services, and 1570 Braddon pensioners are worse off due to the Liberal’s cuts to the pension.