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Candidate for Gippsland

How to vote for Labor in Gippsland

A genuine local, Jannette is a passionate, community-minded candidate who will bring new ears and a new voice to represent working families in Gippsland.

Jannette is a proud parent to two, and a doting nanny to three. Throughout her life she’s been an active committee member, mental health advocate, local football coach, proud CPSU member and senior delegate, and has worked in various roles in the public sector.

Jannette was inspired towards progressive politics through her time working at Centrelink, where she experienced the differences between a Labor government and a Coalition government first-hand. She understands that Australians deserve to be supported in their most vulnerable moments, and knows that only a Labor Government can be trusted to deliver a social security system that is strong, fair, and adequate.

Gippsland’s communities are evolving, and Jannette recognises that the region needs a representative that can be active, authentic, and will work to build a strong future for the region. Under the Nationals, Gippsland continues to miss out on vital investment opportunities and has fallen behind as access to important local services decline and standards continue to fall.

Jannette is committed to being a representative who is genuinely on the side of Gippslanders, and will fight for better healthcare, better services, and a better future for Gippsland.