Gilbert Wilson


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0432 594 975

16 Henty Street
Portland VIC 3305


Candidate for Wannon

How to vote for Labor in Wannon

Gilbert is a fifth generation resident of Portland and has a passion for sport and helping the Community. Son of a life-member of the ALP, he was raised with the values and appreciation of the Labor Party’s aspirations to improve people’s lives.

He believes that we have an obligation to address the problems of disadvantage and inequality.  Gilbert understands the importance of Medicare and is appalled at the ongoing Government erosion of our health-care system since 2014.  This has seen many doctor surgeries end bulk billing, increased up-front costs for medical servicing such as x-rays, and the loss of many doctors from rural and regional areas.

As a former tradie, he understands the need to skill our youth with trades as well as academic studies; to provide the frameworks that allow them to achieve their potential.

Gilbert was a bricklayer before becoming a Certified Coatings Inspector and Supervisor for a local wind tower manufacturing company.  He would like to see more locally made components used and the greater employment opportunities that would result. 

Protection of our environment, including our high quality agricultural sector, is also important to Gilbert and he wants to see Australia taking the necessary actions to protect our planet for future generations. 

As a Councillor he understands first hand the importance of a properly resourced public sector to provide our Community with the support from Government when needed. He is concerned for people facing the issues of unemployment, homelessness, addiction and isolation. Throughout his experience and advocacy he has seen the real difference Labor policies make to improve people's lives. 

Gilbert is running because he wants to be a strong voice for equality and fairness, in Wannon, in Government, and in Parliament.