Gavin Marshall


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376 Victoria Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051

(03) 9348 9699

Senator for Victoria

Gavin Marshall was born and raised in the northern suburb of Reservoir where he attended Keon Park Technical School. He cites Gough Whitlam as his formative political influence and became interested in politics shortly after the 1972 Federal election when sewerage and paved roads were brought to his neighbourhood.

Gavin completed his training as an A-grade electrician with Victorian Railways where his sense of natural justice led him to become a shop steward with the Electrical Trades Union. Workers’ rights and social justice became lifelong pursuits for Gavin and years later he was elected as Assistant Secretary of the Electrical Trade Union.

A member of the ALP since 1977, Gavin did not have parliamentary aspirations. Despite this, he was a popular candidate to replace the retiring Barney Cooney in the Senate and was honoured to accept this responsibility in 2001.

Now in his second term, Gavin remains true to his political roots and has provided progressive leadership on a number of recent political issues including uranium exports and marriage equality. Gavin continues to work closely with the broader labour movement to build a stronger, fairer, sustainable and prosperous nation.