Diedree Steinwall

Candidate for Hughes

Diedree Steinwall, Labor's candidate for Hughes, is a local high school teacher who has lived in the electorate with her husband and two children for over 30 years.

She is also a local Councillor who has led the fight against the overdevelopment of our beautiful area and has fought tirelessly for infrastructure improvements for her community. She will continue to fight for roads and bridges to limit congestion and traffic issues in our area.

Diedree is a committed high school teacher who is passionate about educational improvements as she has seen first hand how the Federal Liberal cuts to local schools have hurt our students in need. In particular, she is concerned about the cuts to our TAFE system which is vital for the skills-based training of our young people. Diedree believes that Labor's policies on early education and the funding of early education services is critical to establishing a life long educational journey.

Diedree stands by Labor's reliable and sustainable energy policy and believes in real action on climate change. Protection of our environment is of the highest priority for our future and that of our children.

She will protect Medicare and stop the cuts to hospitals and staff.

Finally, she will work to restore penalty rates and fully fund our ABC.

Underpinning all her passion and energy is the desire for a fair and equitable society.