Dave Kerrigan

Candidate for Maranoa

How to vote for Labor in Maranoa

Dave Kerrigan heralds from a long line of shearers and understand the value of a hard day’s graft. As a Barcaldine local for over 40 years, he understands the needs of his community and will fight for the essential services it needs to get through the global pandemic.

As an active member of our community, Dave has served as President in organisations such as the local Men’s Shed, the Central West Rugby League Club and Suicide Prevention Network, as well as in many other roles across other community organisations. Having worked in the community sector for the last 25 years, with some years in the mining sector, Mr Kerrigan is best prepared to serve the needs of the Maranoa community.

Dave understands how important the regions are to Queensland, and how important investment in the manufacturing industry is to keeping jobs local. The inaction by the Morrison Government has already meant thousands of jobs in emerging industries have gone off-shore.

Under Morrison every problem is someone else’s fault and every crisis is someone else’s responsibility. We can’t risk three more years of inaction by the Morrison Government.

Dave will be part of an Anthony Albanese lead team, that will show up when the going gets tough and work hard for our community. Dave will bring people together, bridging divides and working together to get our community back on track to build a better future for us all.