Bill Brindle

Candidate for Casey

Bill Brindle is determined to speak up for everyone in our area and make sure our community's voice is heard in Canberra.

Bill Brindle is a genuine local. He has lived most of his life in Melbourne's South East – in Tecoma for the last 15 years. Bill and his wife Susan raised their two daughters locally.

Bill's wide experience includes over two decades as a small business owner, teaching adult engineering students at RMIT, managing a large antique furniture restoration workshop, and even building an aeroplane. He understands the challenges facing working families and small businesses.

Bill is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality education at school, university or TAFE - for the best opportunities in life. And access to the best health services and medical treatment, regardless of their credit card limit or where they live.

Active in the local community for many years, Bill believes local community and sporting groups and volunteers deserve more support. 

Bill Brindle and Labor will work for a better, fairer future with secure jobs, affordable childcare, and renewable energy.