Will you help us stop the privatised cashless pension card?

Mr Morrison’s Liberal-National Government wants to expand the Cashless Debit Card to include all pensioners.

The Minister for Social Services, Anne Ruston, admitted in a Channel 7 interview “we are seeking to put all income management onto the universal platform... the cashless debit card”.

80% of your pension payment would be put on the privatised cashless card. It’s not like an ordinary bank debit card – it can only be used at shops that are approved by the Government.

This Government thinks it knows better than Australians how to spend their money. The vast majority of pensioners manage their money perfectly well. They know where every cent goes.

If this card scheme gets through, pensioners wouldn’t be able to pay cash to buy cheap food at the local market, second-hand goods, a meal or a beer at the RSL, or give cash to their grandkids.

This shocking scheme comes after eight years of cuts to the pension and attacks on pensioners by the Liberals. Mr Morrison isn’t on the side of pensioners.

Labor will fight this Government’s plans to expand this shameful cashless debit card and force it onto pensioners, and a Labor Federal Government would abolish the privatised card.

Will you sign our petition against the privatised cashless pension card and join our campaign to stop it?

Information current as at July 2021